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About Us

As the premier aluminum finishing powerhouse in the Midwest, Spectrum Finishing is confident in its abilities to handle assignments, both small and large, with ease and perfection. Since opening in 1994, Spectrum has grown from a small firm into a booming company, rivaling others in the industry. 

Larry Johnson, President and owner of Spectrum, is a longtime veteran in the field, having worked in aluminum for many years prior to opening the company. Feeling that customers deserved better quality and service than they were receiving, he started Spectrum knowing he would put his clients first. Holding true to that mindset, Spectrum has formed close-knit relationships with its 500+ clients, always looking for new ways to upgrade every aspect of its processes, from quickness of delivery to finishing styles.

In addition, Spectrum uses only the most pristine styles of finishing techniques, both for aesthetic and functionality considerations. The equipment at Spectrum is constantly receiving upgrades and additions to stay at the top of the industry. The facilities at Spectrum are high-end, orderly, and never cease to amaze new visitors. Steadily evolving yet sturdy and secure, Spectrum is far from your ordinary finishing company.

Spectrum Aluminum takes great pride in its aluminum finishing capabilities. All projects are completed utilizing the most up-to-date and sophisticated technologies in the market. Spectrum Aluminum goes above and beyond for its clients with its craftsmanship, extraordinary customer service, and speedy delivery. With a crew of expert aluminum finishers, experience is no question. The team pays attention to the most intimate details, striving for absolute accuracy and handling each project with the upmost care and precision. Losing or damaging parts does not happen at Spectrum, holding to its pledge to get things right the first time.