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Anodizing is an electrolytic passivation process used to increase the thickness of the natural oxide layer on metal parts, particularly aluminum. Protecting aluminum through anodizing is key to combat corrosion, and it provides an ideal paint primer. Anodizing is used in a wide array of applications, such as food service, medical instruments, machining, aircraft materials, and gunsmithing. Anodizing also provides protection against cracks and peels associated with aging and stress. Spectrum Aluminum offers Type II (Sulfuric) anodizing, which protects against oxidation, as well as Type III (Hardcoat) anodizing, a process with high durability to safeguard against friction.

Color Anodizing

Color Anodizing is a specialty of Spectrum, offering color matching to ensure that expectations are met. Clear anodizing builds an anodic layer onto the surface of aluminum while still allowing for the natural beauty of aluminum to shine through. Hardlube, also provided by Spectrum, is an aluminum hard coat that is sealed to create a surface with lubricity on materials to minimize friction.

Chromate Conversion

Chromate Conversion Coating serves as a corrosion inhibitor, paint primer, decorative finish, and retainer of electrical conductivity. Chromate conversion coating is commonly applied to hardware and tools, as well as on aluminum alloy parts in the aircraft industry. Spectrum Aluminum is the premier source for all your chromate conversion coating needs. Clear chemical film, clear chromate, gold chromate, and clear iridite are also provided by Spectrum.



Passivation is a light coating of metal oxide to create a shell to combat corrosion and breakage, strengthening the appearance of metallics. Stainless steel passivation cleanses surfaces of stainless steel iron to purify metallics. Using Nitric Acid (300 series) and Citric Acid (400 series) to purify the metal, our passivation process is top-notch.

Additional services provided by Spectrum Aluminum

  • Spectrum Ultra Matte (SUM) a pretreatment to matte finish